I believe children are gifts from God, and they are the heart of our future.  We are all individuals with different temperaments and varying shapes, sizes and colors, but in the heart of each one lies a dream like a small flicker to become.  Unless someone discovers the flame and fans it, in time it will be snuffed out by the despair all around. But if we can find the flame of each child soon enough, like a star it will rise and shine giving warmth and glow all around.  I believe that each human has the capacity to become.  This manual offers the power to discover each child through un-wrapping the Shine, the hidden talents in a child, and helps provide the key to unlocking his self-worth and allowing his leadership traits emerge.  My passion is to offer a plan of hope and a ray of light that in the darkness of life’s situations… parents and children can emerge like rising stars and bring the light home and shine. 

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