My Broken Blue Nativity

Soft, Padded Hardback – Gift Book

It’s Christmas! Time to bring out the sparkle and shine… transform the old to new! Splashes of bright colored gifts waiting to be opened; yet, hidden in the cracked pieces of our lives, the most valuable gifts can be unwrapped. “Hope Wrapped in Brokenness” elucidates the reason we celebrate… the magnificent birth of Christ! This Christmas be filled anew with childlike faith as you remember the reason He came was for the broken! Through this dramatic story of a much loved, broken nativity set, each character comes to life and faith, hope, and love are renewed through the miraculous grace-line. “Propping the Mary, Joseph, and crumbling crew in place, I only see Jesus’ face… amazing grace. With Jesus shining center stage, the cracks all fade; new life comes in… I breathe.” GA – Buy Now Below


Parenting With Purpose (Shine): Discovering and Developing the Hidden Talent and Leader in Your Child

Parenting is the hardest job we will ever have. Yet, it is the most important one. Parenting With Purpose, “Shine” presents an instructional adventure using kites and stars as mascots bringing out the best in parents and children. This study offers information for ages 0-18 years old and is laid out in a context that can be used by parents or easily adapted for teachers. Discover the five secrets of unwrapping the “Shine” within your child; a featured section unique to this book. When you apply these techniques, you will find your child’s “Shine” and bring out the best in his or her talents, temperaments, learning styles, and leadership skills. The material is laid out in seven chapters packed with ideas and stories. Each chapter concludes with an evaluation for quick review. Enjoy finding your quality parenting skills while having fun loading your Pockets Full O’ Stars and bringing home the “Shine.

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Parenting With Purpose (Shine): Discovering and Developing the Hidden Talent and Leader in Your Child