Entertaining Wows and Woes

The Ham Story

Entertaining Woes and Wows

Ham Story and Accordion Case Episode

Sometimes all of us girls need encouragement for entertaining, meal preparation or offering our place to be the meeting place. 

Now that I am seventy-two… this ham story doesn’t bother me like it did.  But girls, I learned to handle hot pans and pots with potholders early on… just saying. 

We had our distinguished guest and Home Missions Director over to our lovely Trailor home.  Our living room and kitchen was in the center of the trailer, with the Master Bedroom on one end and the guest bedroom on the other end: each having their own bath.

  Being from the south, both my husband and I thought the best way to show your deep friendship, was having guest stay in your home.  To understand this episode, you need envision the floor plan of our trailer.  First of all, everything which happened in the kitchen was visible to anyone that happened to be in the living room.  However, the sound effects were totally from one end of the trailer to the other.  We decided to have a ham for dinner.  Unfortunately, I had placed it in a shallow pan and had an overhead oven. 

I was attempting to pull it out of the oven when I made a hasty jerk, and the ham decided to roll down to the kitchen floor all the way down the hall.  My husband on one end of the trailer heard my despairing cry, “Hurry honey, Get the Ham,  Get the Ham.

 Its rolling down the hall.”  I wanted to die, honestly.  My husband came from one end of the trailer looking for the ham and Bro. Guidroz comes from the other end.  Our distinguished picks up the ham and sticks it under the faucet and says… “We are going to eat this runaway ham. Worse things than this has happened” 

What is hilarious now of Bro Guidroz and Royce chasing the runaway Ham was unbearable to me then.   I couldn’t believe it; my eyes were still filled with tears of horror.   

This disguised guest and his wife whom I had admired all of my life, were sitting in our modest trailer, eating our run-a-way ham.  After the blessing Robbie Guidroz began to encourage me and told a story about an incident where she had something to happen where she was embarrassed as well.  She said, “This is nothing! “  I will never forget her wisdom and encouraging words of love and how it will all be alright.               

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