You Are The Gift

“ You are the Gift”

Christmas morning at the Robinson’s house brought two hearts together in a very special way.  You see it was Mom and Belinda’s first year to have Christmas alone.  Heartbreaking news of a fatal car accident left little Belinda and her mother, Sharon all alone. Celebrating Christmas with just the two of them was going to be very different Sharon knew! Belinda was only ten years old, and Mom was trying very hard to make it special for a little girl nearing her teens! She was still just so young to grasp the meaning of losing one’s dad.

Awaking and smelling the crisp bacon in the air, Belinda rubbed her eyes and hurried downstairs … it was Christmas morning!   All the gifts were shinning with glitter and beautiful bows.  She couldn’t wait to receive hers.  She just knew one was her American doll, one just like her.  Quickly, Belinda opened all her gifts, with all the oohs and aws she and her mom could give.  She finished opening her gifts and sure enough she had her beautiful American doll.

Now it was Mom’s turn.  Mom’s only had two gifts to open and little Belinda felt a tear sting her eyes.  She began to think how her mom had sacrificed to give her soo much and yet her only gift to her mom was a new comb and brush.  Her heart was beating inside so fast as mom tore the ribbons she had helped Belinda make.  Then, there it was the little golden comb and brush.  Belinda burst into tears.  Her mother called her name and cried,” Oh, Belinda, I love my presents from you. It is perfect!”

  Somehow it seemed so small, to Belinda.  She couldn’t hold back the tears. They wouldn’t quit coming.

Then Mom did something very special. “Come here Belinda. Mother motioned, “Come sit in my lap.”

Mom’s lap felt so amazing warm, and so close to her mom’s heart.  Pulling Belinda closer she kissed her on her cheek and hugged her so tight Belinda gave a little giggle.  Then Mom placed the shiny ribbon from the gift on Belinda’s head and whispered,

 “My little darling child, you are the gift, my very best gift of all.”

With that, the biggest smile broke across Belinda’s sweet beautiful face. She knew what her mother was saying and put a bow on her mother’s head and said, “Oh, Mom you are my gift, the BEST GIFT OF ALL.”

Holding hands they walked to the table and thanking God for the best gifts at Christmas, “Each other! 

You are the gift… never forget!” Mommy whispered these words then hugged Belinda tighter than ever.” 

I pray your life will never be the same and you catch on fire and become the gift you are meant to be !

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