Hope of Spring

Hope of Spring

The beauty of  of a delicate flower emerges from its hiding … spring!  Emerging like gentle whispers, you cannot hear it or know exactly the moment it happens. But the brushing of warm golden sunlight upon the branches and the peppering of steady rain brings a fullness to the tightly folded buds.  Every ingredient the flower needs to come forth  has been inserted and folded tightly into the bud.  Whether its the glorious yellow daffodils, the pink cherry blossoms, or the trumpeting Easter lily, the ingredients of their flower are tucked  tightly away all  winter.  There is no need to worry how they will come back each year for our heavenly father has it all in control. When the temperature gets just right and the mix of sun shine and rain has saturated the buds, Spring heralds her beauty! All the leaves and budding flowers shout out their ecstasy of God’s majesty during this glorious season we call Spring.

Jesus used flowers throughout the scripture to teach lessons and many of these were on trusting our heavenly father.

He reminded his disciples of this phenomenon, when he said to them, “Consider the lilies how they grow: they toil not, they spin not: and yet I say unto you, that Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.”

In general, He was speaking of not worrying about the cares of life, for if we seek Him first these things would be added. Also, we see the word ‘consider’.  Merriam-Webster defines it, to think carefully about something.

I will never forget the moment God spoke to me after my dad’s passing.  I was looking out the kitchen window of my mom and dad’s home in Louisiana.   After having spoken to my brother about dad, the words, He’s the Lilly of the Valley, came to my mind. It wasn’t until about two months later, when I was trying to get back to my life in Delaware,  one day as I knelt down and asked God why He specifically had spoken to me concerning this flower.

It was again a soft impression came to my mind asking a question that have I ever considered how a lily grows?   My heart was ignited with wonder and love.  I began to think about the old bulb of a lily that is placed deep within the soil.

There it stays until the harsh winter snow and ice melts and the sun shines again warming the soil.  I may have forgotten where I had placed the bulb, and not know exactly where or when it would come up. But when the temperature is just right, after enough sunlight and rain, the lily will spring forth, heralding God’s Glory.

Like a trumpet blowing it shouts out I am alive.

To me, the lily is a perfect illustration of the power and hope of spring!  Everything that is needed to spring up is within the old bulb.  Though the outer man dies, and our fleshly shell is buried beneath the soil there is hope if we have Christ that like Him we shall rise again. If we have Him everything we need  is planted deep within our spirit.  For Jesus says if  the same spirit dwells within you that dwells in me you too shall arise, Romans 13:8. for He is the first fruits of resurrection.  If we believe He arose, then we can believe that we too will not stay buried in the soil.  But when the Son of righteousness appears in the clouds of glory, and the sound of the trumpet of God comes forth… they that be buried in Christ though they be dead shall rise.

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