My Broken Pieces

My Broken Pieces


There is no story like the redemptive story. What a beautiful picture of His love as we look at our Blue-washed crumbling little nativity. As I look at each figurine and see all the flaws…. I see myself so well. But, my favorite

piece is the center piece… so intriguing, little Jesus lying on His broken stick manger with the bread wrappers twisting around the two sticks. My hesed love, it’s always tears and more tears, as my lips whisper praise to adore!

The greatness about grace, His grace on the cross is for all.

I have so many pieces and broken crumbling parts that has happened in my own life, that the twist around the cross, the link to His Grace becomes my connecting link… for His Glory to Shine through.

There was my own Scoliosis… crumbling back and twisting around my lungs. But.. there was a connector around the cross and there I clung…

God has given me priceless gifts of His love; love, joy, Faith, and Promises of His spirit… Cherie, Shiloh, Angela, and Joel… These are the names of my children and each means in succession the gifts from above.

We don’t like to share broken things, but, if you can see His love shinning through… you will find a twist wrapping me around that cross and there I cling… then may God’s Glory of the Cross-shine on you. Piercing my heart was multiple sclerosis fingers reaching for our Cherie, unclaimed mail… diagnosis, living in 911, survival. Then one night above the others, I’ll never forget and we all knew… the convulsions and the pain, the night she was fading, she could not talk, collapsing coma… and then the hammers and the nails… she heard it all… in the convulsions… and the pain… she whispered out… I see Jesus on the cross… and then I saw a bread wrapper twisting Cherie around that cross as her body convulsed. we didn’t know she would live. Each day we live clinging to that tree… we know we are never really whole, or holy. Only by this cross, His mercy and His grace… and twisting like the twistees around this old tree.

My Hesed, my love everlasting love.. had mercy and brought us through!

It was another breaking and crumbling… in childbirth. My daughter Angela and her husband, Tim… were excited and had their boy of two. But, now a little girl… was on the way and curls and frills, too. But, we never knew as

we watched the clock… something was wrong… and then the emergency birth… breach.

Hours turned to days, days to months, emergency operation, Wa D.C. But to that Cross-we clung. … we cling… for Maiyah came through. Each day we know is a gift and Maiyah is our Obed, our Praise and worship baby.

Life is so fragile, and pieces crumble more each day. But as we look at the broken manger where our precious baby Jesus lay, our Hesed lover has paid the way. We see the bread connectors reaching and our twisted lives clinging … to the Hope of the World… Jesus on the tree!! He has paid our way … to set us free… to give us Hope… eternally!




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