Hope of Spring

Oh, the beauty of Spring! Breathtaking visions of white lilies, cherry blossoms, daffodils, and roses fill our mind!  Yet, if we listen with our heart.  We can see more.  We can see hope in our lives arise like the beauty of a returning leaf or flower, after a rugged fierce winter.

Emerging like gentle whispers, you cannot hear it or know exactly the moment it happens. But the brushing of warm golden sunlight upon the branches and the peppering of steady rain brings a fullness to the tightly folded buds.  Every ingredient the flower needs to come forth  has been inserted and folded tightly into the bud.  All winter it waits inside its little ball like a cocoon waiting to emerge.  Whether its the glorious yellow daffodils, the pink cherry blossoms, or the trumpeting Easter lily, the ingredients of their flower are tucked  tightly away all  winter.  There is no need to worry how they will come back each year for our heavenly father has it all in control. When the temperature gets just right and the mix of sun shine and rain has saturated the buds, Spring heralds her beauty! All the leaves and budding flowers shout out their ecstasy of God’s majesty during this glorious season we call Spring.


We too, like the buds go through seasons of life.  Winter strikes and storms come, leaving us empty and barren it seems.  Whether it’s an illness, financial difficulty, or relationship difficulty, challenges bring their own kind of woes. Yet, it is at these hard times if we look to the one who causes the miracle of buds to burst forth, we too can find new beauty rising in our lives …. the hope of Spring!

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