A Call To Go Higher… Elevate

A Call to Go Higher… Elevate

“Loosers quit when they fail…Winners fail until they succeed.”

Winners in races have both motivation and passion… These are the forces that push upward above the winds of opposition.

Zacchaeus used both of these forces to push him up into the tree above the crowd and it worked. He saw Jesus!

Perhaps we need to check our motivation and passion. Passion is said to be the underlying force in a person that will cause them to go to excruciating degrees of pain to accomplish a goal.

Motivation is the opposite of apathy that delays instead of taking action. Checking our motivation and passion is speaking aeronautics language …

In flying planes,  we speak of a moving force stronger than the opposition. We engage in propelling force so strong and powerful it lifts, tons of weight in flight. It is so strong if properly guided can fly above horrific storms. The amazing phenomenon, that same force if guided properly, has the ability to harness and control its power to lower its weight to a gliding position. If the power only serves to lift, and not to guide and land… it would be powerful but not useful.

How to Motivate Yourself Backed by Science by Eric Barker, has many inspirational thoughts.

Sometimes we need to ask ourselves what is hindering our desire or passion to move forward?  We may find it is a fear which we need to conquer.

Overcoming Fears that can hinder our going forward

A rather simple illustration of unwarranted fear,  is much like our childhood memories of bed time.  Sometimes the daunting fear hindered us that something or someone may be hiding under the bed.  As a child, we may have our parents look under the bed with us before climbing into bed, even though we see for ourselves no one is really under the bed. For some strange reason, there is a fear that nags a child when the lights are turned out, much like ourselves when we are told if we obey God’s words things will turn out for the best.  Taking a step of faith towards our goal is much like the child,  climbing into bed in the dark.  Unwanted questions may continue to enter our minds?  Will God really be there when we need Him and on and on goes the list. Great Patriarchs of Faith line our celestial walls of faith and our mind is fully heralded by their voices beaconing us to the finish line. Yet, it is still a fact, our human nature has a will to  ponder  in the wilderness of nagging voices.

Other fears may be brought on because of pain or hurts of the past.  Many times we have had hurtful relationships where one or the other person doesn’t forgive.  There are often baggages we carry because of others painful relationships that are passed down to us.  Eventually, even if we seek counsel, which sometimes may become necessary, there comes a time when we know it is time we must go forward.  There is the inward knowledge that says, I must go on. It is then we need to do as Paul instructs.  Whatever the hindrance of going forward,  Paul admonishes a sure way to victory.  Paul says forgetting the past… let us press toward the mark of the high calling.   Paul is referring to the two emotions forgetting and pressing.

In essence he is saying if you want to go forward to the High Calling of God … you have to release yourself, untie yourself from your past, and press… upward! (to be continued)



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