Shine – A Mother’s Love

Shine – A Mother’s Love

A woman was found after the tsunami in Japan that stopped the reporters dead in their tracks.  While searching for bodies that could be pulled out of the rubbish and fallen buildings after the tsunami in Japan, a form was seen through some cracks in a fallen wall.  Realizing the body was lifeless, the search team, started to pass it by, but suddenly… one of the team members noticed the unusual way it was positioned and decided to take a look.   He along with the emergency team pulled the heavy wall off of a ladies body and heard a faint cry… a baby?

But, where it was hidden under the mother’s stomach, told the story.  There they uncovered a baby still alive and a cell phone, which read. “If you live through all this… always know that I love  you always, Mother”.

What a testimony to a Mother’s love.  She bent over the baby and saved it’s life when the onslaught of the tsunami destroyed her own.  Isn’t that just like Jesus?  What a love that gives beyond our selfish, selves.  Nothing but the unselfish will ever give the ultimate gift, their life.

Jesus gave His life for our eternal… life.  May we unreservedly receive this precious gift of life right now.

Written by Glenda Andrus

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